Modelling REN XUE Wisdom Culture



A Weekend Workshop for Teachers

Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th March

Aligning our life with the Law through the Five Guiding Principles

of Ren Xue


“Ren Xue has a clear mission and guiding principles outlined in the Ren Xue 12345. Adhering to these guiding principles will ensure that Ren Xue follows a healthy and bright path far into the future. Upholding the mission of Zi Du Du Ren – uplifting our own life and helping others – can realign our worldview and values and set us firmly on the path to self-realization and wisdom. ” Yuan Tze


Do you have a clear understanding of these guiding principles of REN XUE?

How do you integrate these principles in your life?

Can you convey these principles well to your students?

Is there room for deepening your understanding and application of these principles in your life?

“As part of our Ren Xue system and as we try and work to improve the quality of our health and general wellbeing, we embark upon quite a special journey. A journey where, ideally, we might need, step by step, to revisit what has been guiding our life up to now, namely our personal principles.
Where do they come from? Are they sound principles? How can we know?
A lack of sounds principles is at the root causes of the problems we are facing, not only as an individual but also as humanity.
To move forward in a positive and in the most beneficial direction, not only for us but for others and for nature, sound principles are needed.
Lucky for us, Ren Xue provides Five Guiding Principles to rely on, helping to create a clear direction in life and a bright path for everyone and everything.
Let’s study them together and expose out of it whether or not our personal principles are anywhere in partnership with those of REN XUE’s”. Sylvie Jutras

The Weekend Program


– Enjoy two full days of immersion in a purpose built Qifield

– Deepen your understanding and application of the Five Guiding Principles

– Dive into the Principles with group activities, discussion and Q&A time

– Nourish yourself in the specific Qifield further with morning and evening Yuan Gong practice sessions

For those of you who are unable to attend the sessions live, the workshop will be recorded and available for viewing to all who register.


This event is hosted by REN XUE Europe and presented to you by two of our fully qualified REN XUE Teachers; Sylvie Jutras from France and Cathy Fox from Ireland.

REN XUE Europe strives to deliver quality content and events to support our growing community. In joining this event you not only benefit yourself (Zi Du) but you are also contributing to others (Du Ren) and you enable RXE to grow and improve our developments and outreach.

If you require financial assistance to attend this event, please contact Cathy at