Yuan Ming Medicine

Yuan Ming medicine supports Your whole life

Yuan Gong is mainly a self-help tool meaning that the practitioner experiences the benefits through practising the Yuan Gong methods according to the requirements. Yuan Ming Medicine is mainly used by professional practitioners as a tool to help other people to improve their health, although anyone can use it to help themselves.

Yuan Ming Medicine can be performed using various therapy techniques:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Remote therapy with the therapist and receiver at different locations
  • Other forms of therapy.

During the therapy, Qi and information is transmitted to the receiver via the consciousness of the transmitter/healer. Written text and video or audio recordings can also be used as well as transmission over the internet.

Effects of Yuan Ming Medicine:

  • Improved unhealthy conditions of the body
  • Improved unhealthy conditions of the mind on the behavioural, psychological, personality and consciousness levels
  • Improved overall health and quality of life
  • A healthy and harmonious relationship with self, family, society and nature
  • Changed unhealthy habits.


Ren Xue

Understanding and aligning with the natural laws of life

What is REN XUE?

Ren Xue is the system of theories and teachings created by Yuan Tze with the goal of understanding and thereby elevating our life.

Yuan Qigong

Yuan Qigong is a Qigong system that supports the positive transformation of all areas of life, body, qi, heart and consciousness.

Yuan Ming

Yuan Ming is a system of treatment methods based on Ren Xue theories, modern science and traditional chinese medicine.

What is Qi?

Qi is our life force, the fabric of all existence. Understanding Qi is vital to achieving a healthy and harmonious life.