Terms and Conditions for Purchase

I am aware that Ren Xue, Yuan Gong and Yuan Ming are designed to be a safe, effective and efficient alternative modality for health and wellbeing, but it also has its limitations. I understand that Ren Xue, Yuan Gong and Yuan Ming are not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment. I agree to uphold the safety and responsibility of my participation in this event. I fully understand and accept these terms and release all liability to RXEA – Ren Xue Europe Association and Ren Xue International and all people operating on its behalf.

I understand that by registering for RXEA events, Ren Xue Europe Association will store my contact information for future mailing and communications of nothing other than Ren Xue related content. I understand the RXEA will not share my details with any third party and I am free at any time to unsubscribe to RXEA’s mailing content.