Teacher Event: Online Teacher Retreat 2024


Sunday 4th – Sunday 11th August


Access this 8 day online teacher retreat where we will spend time together revisiting and reviewing the Level 1 Teacher Training content and offer participants an array of opportunities to develop practical teaching skills, discuss creative ways to apply them and share this deeply meaningful time together connecting with fellow Ren Xue teachers, sharing experiences, expertise and growing this core of the Ren Xue community, our teachers. All this from the comfort of your own home via Zoom.

Some of the main focuses of the retreat will be:

  • Revisiting the theory of Qi and evolving our understanding of its laws and the development of Dao.
  • Reviewing Tian Yuan and Di Yuan requirements and form correction.
  • Learning practical and applicable teaching skills.
  • Gaining confidence in delivering the teachings to others.
  • Applying and practicing the initial stage of Yuan Ming techniques.
  • Facilitated online group activities, sharing of experiences, practicing, and applying.
  • Strengthening the relationships and connections amongst our growing teacher community.