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Distribution of Yuan Tze's books, CDs and DVDs

Yuan Gong

The Netherlands organization distributes the Yuan Tze books, Yuan Gong DVDs and CDs in Europe except Sweden.

Orders of Yuan Tze books, Yuan Gong DVDs and CDs from other parts of the world are dispatched from Yuan Tze centre shop

To order

Click the link below and fill in the books and DVDs you wish to order and send the e-mail. Once received, you will get an answer specifying how to pay for the items ordered. Shipping cost is 9 Euro for one book. When ordering more than one book, the shipping cost will be specified in the email answer.

Order of books and DVDs using e-mail

Books written by Yuan Tze

Yuan Tze Ren Xue: Special Topics No. 2

Wellbeing begins with you

For those who want to know more about living a healthy life, basic principles of healing through Qi-therapy and changing lifestyles for the better, this is a good start.

Price 18.5 EURO

Table of contents - Wellbeing beginns with you

Yuan Tze Ren Xue: Special Topics No. 1

New Beginnings

For those who want to know more about life development, consciousness, life patterns and the true self, this is a good start.

Price 9 Euro

Table of contents - New Beginnings

Voyage to the Shore

Yuan Tze has written three books that form the basis for the teaching of Ren Xue and Zhineng Qigong methods and principles. For those who practice Qigong "Voyage to the Shore" is a goldmine. It leads to greater understanding of what Qigong is all about and thus more efficient and more in-depth training. It is inherent in human nature to strive to understand life and its meaning. We try different methods and philosophies of life in the process. The media often produce lots of health tips on how to eat, work, think and relax to feel good. These recommendations often have an expiry date, as newer information often contradict the older.

In everyday life and in meetings with other people, we end up in situations that are sometimes difficult to handle. Mostly, we view the world in a limited way - based on our own experiences and perceptions. This can trigger a sense of "we are doing the wrong thing at the wrong time", which in turn creates stress, frustration, anger, sadness in others and ourselves. Put in another way - we react this way because we lack understanding of how life works. Voyage to the shore provides readers with opportunities to immerse in and get a better understanding of the laws of life and how we can change and improve our lives and thus maintain and improve our health.

Parts 1 and 2 are primarily based on theoretical aspects of training of Qigong teachers or therapists that Yuan Tze continuously conducts.

Part 3 contains excerpts from the Yuan Tze’s lectures and answers to questions from retreats between 2007 and 2011.

Book Voyage to the shore del 1, 2 och 3

Table of contents Voyage to the Shore - Del 1

Table of contents Voyage to the Shore - Del 2

Table of contents Voyage to the Shore - Del 3

Voyage to the shore - Part 1 sold out

Voyage to the shore - Part 2 sold out

Voyage to the shore - Part 3 Price 30 Euro

Yuan Gong DVD

Yuan Gong DVDs for Demonstrating

Yuan Tze has produced three DVDs (13 Euro each).

  • Tian Yuan and Di Yuan
  • Ren Yuan
  • Xia Yuan

Free delivery for orders of three or more DVDs

These DVDs demonstrates and illustrates details of the first four Yuan Gong methods.

Parts of the training are described in Chinese by Yuan Tze and translated to English by Melissa Liu, while others are only in English. DVD sleeves are in paperboard material for environmental concerns.

Yuan Gong CDs for practicing

Yuan Gong CDs for practicing

Yuan Tze have produced several training CDs for Tian Yuan, Di Yuan, Ren Yuan and Xia Yuan. The CDs can be downloaded in a digital format or purchased as CDs. Yuan Tze centre shop  

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