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Welcome to a refreshing health retreat in beautiful serene surroundings in Cascais, Portugal March 23-27, 2017.

Unleash your unique abilities, see yourself and the world with new eyes, OPEN YOUR HEART, rediscover yourself and develop your health and unlimited potential.

Free yourself from worries

We sometimes ask ourselves:

  • How can I access my inner force and develop my unique talents?
  • How can I evolve and extend my view of the world?
  • How can I face the realities in my life and life in general?
  • How can I nurture unconditional love and compassion for myself and others?

This retreat may give us insight on how to answer some of the above questions:

  • Free ourselves from stress and enter a calm, relaxed and natural state of clarity
  • Activate our life force and strengthen and energise our body and mind
  • Be truly present in the moment and deepen our awareness
  • Contemplate, reflect and widen our understanding of life
  • Learn about the intelligent heart and its unique consciousness and power

Focus on wellbeing

This retreat will be focused on ways to achieve WELLBEING - to feel good, be happy and contented during our days together, and to bring this state home. Good health is crucial so we will be practicing a unique and powerful Qigong system - Yuan Gong - everyday.

We will introduce and fine-tune four Yuan Gong methods:

  • Tian Yuan - a free flowing way to gather and disperse Qi (life force) in and out of our body
  • Di Yuan - a standing form to convert and store Qi in our body
  • Ren Yuan - a powerful way to circulate Qi and loosen and strengthen all parts of the body
  • Tong Yuan - a guided meditation to activate our internal healing qualities mediated by the heart.

In parallel, Ren Xue, a life cultivation philosophy to better understand the natural laws of life will be addressed. It’s underlying theories on Qi (life force), consciousness and totality will be outlined and discussed. Both Ren Xue and Yuan Gong are practical tools for building up and maintaining health on all levels - physical, mental and spiritual.

The programme will accommodate beginners and experienced Qigong practitioners. All are encouraged to visit our website ( for more information on Yuan Gong and Ren Xue before attending the retreat.

Venue and cost

Hotel Seminário Torre d’Aguilha in Cascais
Place: Quinta da Torre d’Aguilha
2785-599 São Domingos de Rana, Portugal

Visit venue

The retreat starts at 23 March 09.00 am and ends at 27 March 03:00 pm.

Participation cost including room (five nights; 22 - 27 March), food and Yuan Gong training:

  • Single room: 475 €
  • Double / tripple room: 375 €

Optional Trip to Sintra

An excursion to Sintra will be arranged March 22, a day before the retreat. Sintra with its many 19th-century romantic architectural monuments is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cost for one additional night (21-22 March) at the venue and transportation to Sintra 80 €.


Main language used at the retreat is English. Once registration is received, an invoice will be sent for payment no later than 15 February, 2017. When payment is received, participation confirmation will be immediately sent. No cancellations are possible after March 1, 2017.

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WELCOME to a fulfilling time of exchange of experiences and learning together!

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