International Qigong and consciousness retreat in Stockholm with Yuan Tze Wik

International Ren Xue and Qigong Retreat June - July 2018 close to Stockholm

Yuan Qigong

Yuan Qigong training makes you calm and harmonious, stress is reduced. Your health and body are strengthened. Your body becomes smooth and flexible. You get more energy and improve circulation in the body as well as the quality of your organs. We train in a wonderful castle environment next to the lake of Mälaren near Uppsala. Use Yuan Qigong training to develop and strengthen your mind and your body.

New for the year is LING YUAN - a meditative method that you use to process your life patterns.

Wik Folk high school

Ren Xue - Knowledge of Human Life

Based on contemporary Chinese wisdom culture, modern philosophy and science Yuan Tze creates a solid life-cultivation method - Ren Xue. His ambition is to capture all aspects of human life in a holistic system based on the relationship between man, nature and the universe and to illustrate how everything in the universe is part of the same whole - a totality.

Yuan Qigong - A Qigong System for Modern Days

Yuan Qigong represents an innovative thinking in the Qigong World. With its roots in the profound Chinese wisdom teachings, martial arts, modern sports and natural science, Yuan Qigong was specifically created to meet needs of the modern time. Yuan Qigong is unique and innovative, a breakthrough based on cross-health disciplines with the potential to effectively support human development.

Yuan Qigong is pleasant to practice, easy to learn. It is effective; it will produce results.

The retreat consists of two parts

Part 1: 26 - 30 June 2018.

These days are especially for those who want to attend a shorter time, attend for the first time or want to learn how to train Yuan Qigong in a good way. Yuan Tze participates in the last two days. Part 1 lays the groundwork for participation in Part 2.

This is an ideal opportunity to learn the first three Yuan Qigong methods (Tian Yuan, Di Yuan and Ren Yuan).

In addition, details about Qi, Qi field, Qi field building, awareness, Shen and heart qualities (Xin) are learned.

The fourth method Xia Yuan, which improves the body's organs-quality, will be taught in a comprehensive manner.

In part 2, the exercises are deepened, thus creating a greater understanding of Qigong and how to live your life in a good way.

You who participated in the retreat earlier in 2015 - 2017 can if you want to skip Part 1.

Part 2: 30 June - 8 July 2018

Part 2 involves a deepening of the Yuan Gong training. The body is physically strengthened; circulation and mobility are improved. Qi - our life-force or energy is improved. Consciousness becomes calm and clear.

News - Working on patterns with the LING YUAN method

From early childhood we learn to melt into the environment, create acceptance to get a positive response, not to create dissatisfaction. We develop patterns that we eventually apply automatically and habitually in our lives. That we habitually apply patterns are entirely in our nature, but some patterns may be unhealthy, limit us to our development or even be harmful. They affect our thoughts and everything we see and do. Real change in life is therefore not possible without altering these unhealthy patterns.

At this retreat, LING YUAN - the method intended for this task - will be introduced. By learning about the 'Ten Basic Patterns' and practicing this method, you will better learn to recognize your patterns. You will understand where they come from and the role they play in your life. Using LING YUAN, you can start transforming them into something that suits you better. True freedom and well-being can only be experienced when these life-limiting obstacles have been removed.

Yuan Tze lectures daily and shares his life experiences, knowledge and thoughts that inspire your further development.

He highlights important aspects of Yuan Qigong and how it can be used to positively to affect health and life. He raises thoughts and insights on how we can take responsibility for our lives and health and learn how to activate our self-healing abilities. He answers questions and inspires to reflection.

With daily training of various Yuan Qigong methods in a strong Qi field of positive energy, benevolence and compassion, you will experience how you improve your health already in these days. Understanding is deepened for life and its events with the laws of nature as a basis. You get valuable insights into your great development potential.

Pictures from Wik along with some wisdom words from Yuan Tze

Booking and Payment for Yuan Tze Retreat

The accommodation is of conference standard with shower and toilet in the room.

Bookings can be performed with an end date of 5 June 2018 but for bookings after 27 May payment shall be done as soon as possible.

Part 1. 26 - 30 June Booking status Total cost SEK Comparison cost US$*
Single Open for booking 6.050 SEK 700 USD
Double Open for booking 5.050 SEK 592 USD
Part 2. 30 June - 8 July Booking status Total cost SEK Comparison cost US$*
Single Open for booking 11.950 SEK 1.286 USD
Double Open for booking 9.950 SEK 1.070 USD
Both part 1 and part 2 26 June - 8 July Booking status Total cost SEK Corresponding cost US$*
Single Open for booking 17.700 SEK 1.909 USD
Double Open for booking 14.700 SEK 1.582 USD

The fees include the total retreat cost including accommodation, meals and all retreat activities.

* Please note: the US$ price quoted is an approximate value and is for comparison only. The retreat fees are payable in Swedish Krona

Bookings can be performed by filling in the registration form using the following link: When we receive your registration, we will send you a receipt of your registration. Participation is ensured by payment of the registration fee 1000 SEK when you receive the invoice from us. It is only when you have paid the registration fee that you have secured your participation in the retreat. The remaining amount is paid before May 27 2018.

To retreat registration routine

If you have troubles filling in the registration form, send your name, address, e-mailaddress, accomodation form(single, double, student, conference), arrival and departure date. If you have some special food requirements or if you have problems with gluten or lactose please make a note of that in your email to our mailing address:

Place: Wik Folk high school
Viks mur 35, Uppsala, Sweden

Focus on Ren Yuan

Ren Yuan represents an innovation in the qigong world. The foundation is traditional and modern Qigong, along with Taiji, martial arts, sports science and the science of anatomy and physiology.

Its movements mimic natural rotating, circular or spiral movements of the universe. Much time will be used to learn and practice this powerful method.

One of the basic ideas of Ren Yuan is to unlock blockages in the body so that the flows can work in a natural way. With functional flows our life becomes much healthier because they bodily internal processes work better.

Ren Yuan gives you a quiet, relaxed and natural state after a very short period of training.

Those who practice the method finds after a few days that the body is straightened, hips become more mobile as well as the shoulders and neck.

This in turn leads to decreasing or disappearing pain in shoulders, back and hips. The exercise strengthens the body which gradually improves. Diseases are prevented and overall health improved.

Read more about Ren Yuan, the third method and Yuan Gong system other methods

Benefits at the Retreat:

  • Improve Your health with lasting results
  • Gain increased understanding of life, man, nature and the universe and why we often have so many problems in life. It lays the foundation for being able to cope with life in all its situations in a better way.
  • Improve your wellbeing and feel calm, relaxed and natural
  • Get a better understanding of life, people, nature and the universe and why problems occur in life and how to respond to them in good way
  • Get tools for working with mind and body, learning about the behavioral patterns and changes in life that lead to positive development
  • Get the tools to create the life you want to live.

Qi Regulation Daily

Improving health is a central theme of the retreat and Qi regulations in various forms occur every day.

Welcome to a solid summer retreat filled with new thinking, trust, openness, love and compassion, and lots of inspiration to learn, practice and get the benefit of Yuan Gong and Ren Xue. Give yourself this gift!

The Participants' Stories from other Ren Xue Retreats


Please read the book "Well-being begins with you" and / or "New Beginnings" written by Yuan Tze that conveys understanding of Ren Xue and Qigong (available in the shop). As a beginner it is good to participate in a Yuan Gong course or a few trainings in advance. If this is not possible, welcome anyway and be surprised how quickly you can learn on the retreat! For you who already practice Qigong or Yuan Gong do it more regularly prior to the retreat to improve your results.


Even those who are not so good in English will be able to participate. Yuan Tzes lectures are in Chinese. Melissa Kung is responsible for translation into English.

Participants with serious medical or mental health problems should consult their doctor for specialist advice before attending.

The retreat is a joint course with Wik Folk High School.

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