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Ren Xue Retreat January 29th – 31st 2021

Yuan Gong

Be the Master of Your State
Ren Xue Europe invites you to join our next online retreat
in the new year to start off 2021 in the best possible state.

Be the Master of Your State

This event will focus on reviewing and consolidating Yuan Tze's workshop series that he offered throughout 2020 on "Be the Master of Your State". Whether you participated in these workshops or not, or whether you are new to Ren Xue or experienced, this retreat can offer you a wealth of treasure to support you and your life during these turbulent times.

As you may or may not be aware, the internal state we are in plays a vital role in our health and how we make decisions and operate in our everyday life. The ability to maintain a good state is, therefore, especially important when we face challenges.

During this event we will revisit and consolidate the important components for maintaining the essential elements for a good state ~ relaxed, calm, natural, integrated & unified, harmonious, and Jue Cha (self-awareness and self-observation).

Join us in exploring our understanding and experience in achieving these components of a good state in a very nourishing and supportive Qifield and community.

Dates; Friday 29th ~ Sunday 31st January 2021 Operated online via Zoom

What to expect;

  • Daily lectures and Qi healings with Norberto Rodrigues ~ Featured in “Already Free” documentary
  • Multiple Yuan Gong practice sessions daily
  • Yuan Gong training for beginners
  • Group sharing and activities

The fee for 3 full days of activities; €85 If you require financial assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on info@renxueeurope.org

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