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Ren Xue - a clear and effective path for life cultivation

Yuan Qigong

"Ren Xue is a system that can help us understand, discover, change and develop life. It is an effective path that can help us achieve good health, true happiness and a sense of wellbeing and higher realization" (Yuan Tze)

Ren Xue includes Yuan Qigong and Yuan Ming Medicine

Ren Xue is a system of knowledge and methods designed by Yuan Tze to help us to actively improve life as a whole and to help us reach our full potential as human beings. Based on the knowledge gained through many years of life cultivation, research, teaching and healing, Yuan Tze has created a clear and effective path that can lead us to a deep understanding of life.


Ren Xue is based on traditional Chinese culture and wisdom combined with modern philosophy and science. The intention is to increase our understanding of human life, human relations and our relations to all life in the universe. This understanding is the basis to develop a good and harmonious life.

A calm, relaxed and natural state is developed using the unique methods of Yuan Qigong. This harmonious state promotes our spontaneous healing abilities and leads to a healthier life with less diseases. We are filled with positive life energy and reach a greater understanding and appreciation of life.

Yuan Ming Medicine that includes "External Qi therapy" is an additional technique in the process of life improvement.

Man is by nature a social being with abillity to develop many good qualities such as trust, openness, gratitude, love, respect and compassion (Gongjing). In the world of today only a minority have developed these to any great extent. More common is to exhibit a behavior that suggests the opposite, such as mistrust, hatred or arrogance towards the outside world. Ren Xue helps us to understand the deep meaning of these good qualities and to start to apply them.

Living with true understanding of life through Ren Xue and taking care of health using Yuan Qigong develops freedom, fulfillment and wisdom.

Ren Xue is based on three main theories

  • Theory of Qi - Qi (the vital energy or life force) is the fundamental element of everything in the universe.
  • The theory of Consciousness - Consciousness can influence all parts of the universe including ourselves, other people, society, nature and the planet earth.
  • Theory of totality - Everything in universe is interconnected and work together as a holistic unit.

    These theories provide a pathway for greater understanding of the functioning of our consciousness, how events in our outer world influence us and how we can transform life by working on our consciousness. By cultivating our consciousness, we can better understand and live in harmony with the natural laws of life.


    Consciousness and everyday activities

    Varous events during the day can cause loss of Qi; already on the road to work - traffic jams, delayed trains - and irritation increases. At work, someone might come with difficult tasks that must be handled on short notice and unreasonable demands. And on the way home you might have to run to the bus.

    Everyday events beyond our control can easily make us stressed. When we discover that we have difficulties to meet expectations, our own or others, a feeling of stress usually shows up. Stress affects the whole body including brain functions and has negative impact on our internal organs. Our society is more and more characterized by the built in mental stress. Effective leadership has even been associated with letting the employees work in the 'right amount' of stress - because then the output will be higher.

    When mind is calm, happy and joyful we feel satisfied, our mental stress is minimal and our ongoing self-healing capabilities are working well. When mind is negatively disturbed, the negative influence makes us loose our good state. If stress continues for long time, we become sick.

    Our habits or patterns

    Every person has different behavior patterns which automatically act in different situations. These patterns are created in early years based on life experiences and how they could best be handled. To constantly take on more tasks than you can cope with - to be the fixer - is a pattern. Maybe the child got extra positive attention on a good performance. Or when something broke someone else was blamed to escape punishment. Other patterns may be to gossip or getting angry even at small failures.

    These patterns of behavior are unconsciously and automatically repeated and the more they are repeated, the stronger they become. They are perceived as rational but these negative behavior patterns deplete our energy heavily and disturb our inner balance.

    A Chinese proverb says, "Eight out of ten things in life turns out in an unexpected way." How does such an uncertain environment influence us? We usually react with anger, worry, brooding, grief, fear, fear or overwhelming joy. These emotional reactions of consciousness negatively affect the Qi flow in the body, blockages are created. If mind is trained to remain calm during disturbing events, we spend less Qi, the flows in the body continue in a normal way and we feel good. Our Qigong training helps us to raise the level of life instead of constantly having to restore balance and loss of Qi.

    Improve your consciousness

    How to improve your consciousness? A good way is to be familiar with the calm and relaxed feeling – the Qigong state - when practicing Yuan Gong Qigong. Try to preserve the quiet Qigong state during the day.

    When you find that you have lost the calm Qigong state - try to understand which event made you loose it and try to get back to the peaceful state again. Take a pause, go into yourself and consciously relax. Try to process the disturbing incident in order to reduce the negative reaction. Remember the old Chinese saying "Things are following their own laws" and you may not be able to change them with the best will in the world - especially not through confrontation and emotional reactions. Then you only lose your mental balance and Qi.

    Gradually you become more aware of the principles or laws of life and learn to live with them - not to confront them. It also means that you get a better life. Your old patterns will be replaced with better ones and life's fundamental qualities such as awareness, happiness, wisdom and freedom will develop. Life will also feel lighter and your potential and power increases. You get closer to your true self - your real personality.

  • Ren Xue is implemented using two main systems

    • Yuan Qigong is a nine level Qigong system, designed to improve health and wellbeing as well as support the work on our consciousness. In addition, there are supplementary exercises and practical methods, all strategies to help to improve and uplift ourselves in daily life.
    • Yuan Ming Medicine for practitioners - a tool used by professional practitioners to help other people deal with problems on the physical, Qi and consciousness levels.

    For detailed information visit the REN XUE International homepage

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